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Ouray Mountain Vacation in Winter
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Take Winter Ouray Mountain Vacations You'll Cherish Forever 

Spend Winter in Ouray on Magical Mountain Vacations

Winter brings the challenges of ice and the snowy beauty of the San Juan Mountains and signals the start of the winter sports season. In Ouray, ice climbing leads the list of active outdoor sports, though cross-country and downhill skiing, sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing are not far behind. Experience the thrill of racing through snowy drifts, speeding over frozen ponds and tracking through the sanctuary-like forests.

Even if you're not the winter sports type, fun is still abundant in Ouray during the winter months. Photographers will also find a lot to shoot, being surrounded by shining, pristine vistas. Indeed, the vast expanses of white give the mountains a stark majesty that brightens everything under the winter sun. Hot tubbing is even more enjoyable when the temperature drops, and nothing beats sipping hot chocolate beside a cozy, crackling fire as dusk settles over the land.